Checking your Belt Size

Getting your Bet Size right is really important to ensure we make your belt to the perfect length.  Here are some methods you can use to get this important measurement right.  


Measure an existing belt - recommended method

Belt measurements are taken from the front of the buckle to the hole you are currently using.  Simply measure this  distance in inches and apply when ordering from  This is the correct way to ensure you order a properly sized belt. - belt chart - choosing the correct belt size


Look at an existing pair of pants

Take a pair of pants you wear now and add two (2) inches to the pant size, using the larger number to order your belt.

e.g size 34 pants, order 36 inch belt.

There is some variability between clothing brands, so this is only recommended if you don't have an existing belt or a tape measure. 


Why take the time to measure your belt?

Our belts are made to order. Returns are not accepted if you supply the wrong size.  You've taken the time to visit Australia's best belt maker, and we'd love you to help us make sure you get the best fit possible so its just right for you.

If you have any queries please give us a call.

0419 099 351